oh yes i am still awake

i also just finished a cup of coffee/espresso, as well.

i am going to work on Newer System a bit later, i think. i am thinking that i am going to submit it to Longreads when it is all finished, but it is an ongoing project right now. yada yada

anyway, idk what time i am going to visit dad tomorrow at the hospital but i am going to guess that it is going to be in the morning. that is when i usually go up there.

as for yesterday (that ended two hours ago), i didn't get any reading done (book-wise) bc i was distracted by the WWW. That is one of the reasons i hate the internet. it is incredibly distracting. but on the other hand, i did get some longreads in FROM the internet, so it is not all bad.

i am one third done w/ the coursework for the certificate. Yay! Onto Lesson 5 on Wednesday. this Lesson we are getting into statistics & records. Nice.

on another note: another thing i am doing tomorrow is filling out the loan forgiveness paperwork and mailing that off. I truly hope they can discharge the $900 (which is all i owe, but still...). I also hope that the Spring 2018 semester is going to happen at STLCC. If not, i am going to enroll in the Poynter Institute's “ACES Certificate in Editing” program. ACES stands for American Copy Editor Society and the program only costs $150 to sign up and the courses are more or less free (or $150, however you wanna look at it). I think it would look good on my LinkedIn + i want to learn as much as i can about editing as i have many things to edit (ebook, Newer System longform, etc.). The real goal is the AA in Media Comm though because that is genuinely useful. I authentically just want the bragging rights, tbh. If someone asks if i have a “college education” i just wanna say “yea” and move on. in my eyes no one truly has a “college education” until they are a degree-holder. silly, i know, but that is how i view it. i have talked in exquisite detail w/ my therapist about why i want a college degree and the reasons i really value one and i doubt any of them are truly healthy. but i guess the most sane reason for actually obtaining an AA is to “get my foot in the door” at a publication (though i am proactively building a portfolio right now which is all ye need for said “foot in the door”). So, it comes back to simply bragging rights. And to give myself something relevant to do for a couple years. lol. i really have no tangible reason other than to kill time in a good way.

but anyway, all of that will come soon enough. in the meantime, other stuffskee. be back in a bit!

aboot me

i added an “About” to the tumblr in case anyone wants to know the “abstract” that is tm oleary. lol! but anyway, now, Now i am quite wired. idk even know what time it is but i am p sure it is after 10PM CST. there is no clock to speak of on the RPi bc this device has a very, Very, VERY strange way of in-putting the time (setting the clock). i always have to Google “what time is it?” like a friggin' asshole anytime i wanna know what time it is.

holy fuck, do i ever need to take out the trash! it has really piled up quickly over two days & i have no idea how that happened. i will take it out tomorrow (i didn't today bc it rained all day). i will take care of that before i go to see dad in the hospital. no one knows how much longer he is going to be in there. a bit longer, i think. he is doing well though :)

no classes until next Wednesday BLAH. i am going to try to prevent boredom by reading the books i checked out. i am determined to finish one or the other BEFORE they are due back. I really should have checked them out for different times instead of having them both due back at the same time. foolish.

be back in a bit!

i at least need to find something to write about

i can't just sit here for the time being bc i have a lot of caffeine in my system and i hate when i just....sit here. lol.

i mean don't get me wrong, i had a plenty productive day what w/ the Lesson 4 + the activity + ,,,,well, that was about all i did. LMAO! But anyway...

I am going to make coffee after this Monster bc that always gets me energized (wired) to get some writing done in one fashion or another. anything to combat boredom.

be back in a bit!

hello all

i just had a nap so i expect to be awake most of the night. nbd. so long as i am awake to go to the hospital tomorrow to visit dad. idk what time.

i am going to read some more of The Federalist Papers later. i didn't get any book reading in today bec i was 1) doing the Lesson 4 coursework/assignment & 2)reading longreads on the internet. Both were a little lame (both longreads, that is).

anyway, be back in a bit!

so all is well from a technical perspective here

no duplicates on tumblr, lniks to twitter as well. #yay

Anyway, yeah.

be back in a bit!

testing cross-posting

#fingerscrossed no duplicates! lol

i hope this doesn't spam post (on Tumblr)

write.as was having an issue where when i would link this blog to my Tumblr, and hit Send, it would post the same blog post (from here) 9-10 times on Tumblr. it was incredibly annoying. i hope i do not have that issue w/ this blog post and future blog posts.

be back in a bit!

class day tomorrow

going to see the dad on Saturday

reading more of The Federalist Papers tomorrow afternoon, too

i also applied for a loan forgiveness program that i more than qualify for and hope to get the ball rolling on that ASAP (i have to mail something off) nbd

if that gets discharged, i can get enroll next semester at STLCC. Dunno what class(es) i'll take but it will only be two bc that will be the Summer 18 semester.

Moving up

April 20th-ish is when i will finish Writing Research Methodologies and get my certificate. Yay!

Doc appt on Monday & everything stays the same from a med perspective.

Some money might be free'd up for next month, but idk

i also pay less on my rent bc i have a credit on there (a big one)

anyway, be back in a bit!

made it to SLCL

i am sitting here drinking some of the boldest coffee i have had in a long time after a killer 2+ hour nap that was preceeded w/ a walk to SLCL where i checked out The Federalist Papers & A Brief History of Thought. I am on pay 100 (just about) in ABHOT that i left off at the last time i had it checked out and when i start it up again, I will be on the chapter “Humanism And The Birth Of Modern Philosophy”. As for now, it is TFP where i am on the second part of Alexander Hamilton where he is giving a series of speeches in New York State and at this point he is simply telling people to adopt the New Constitution & how fragmented the 13 States would be if they were divided up into a Confederacy (hence, why we live in a Federalist System as of now, 2018). A good book if you like U.S. history, for sure. I am enjoying it. I have until April 5 to finish both books but i am thinking i will get an extension on ABHOT bc that is being read straight-after TFP

anyway, be back in a bit!

good morning

i just made the boldest cuppa Joe i have had in a month & i have been awake all night so to say that i will have an “interesting” (weird) morning is an understatement. The plan for this AM is to get my laundry done before 9 AM so i can walk straight to SLCL when it opens & pick up THe Federalist Papers. Also will have a little look around the facilities, too. May find something cool.

anyway, back to the coffee