Forgoing eyeglasses

Opening bank acct

Paying (large) chunk of money to student loan bank

But for now...

Coffee firm my gd nicotine lozenges arrive in the mail today (as well as other meds)

Meet with Kevin and discuss the transport thing I was allegedly signed up for, but didn't confirm, blah, blah. I'm getting there.

Confirm going to the parents house (or visitation at hospital, at least) on Wed

START E-COURSE(!!!) Wed. Very much so looking forward to that.

Make more pitches to different pubs for this story (article) that is ready-to-go (but could be extended if need be).

Follow up with the pitch I made last night

Add a couple more things to the Tumblr bumblr (lol)

And that's about it for now.

Good stuff

Be back in a bit!