intentional writing

i discovered (by accident) a lot of blogs on tumblr that offer tips on “writing prompts”. In other words; things you can begin to type to get the juices flowing, get your fingers moving so you can write something bigger. i, personally, call that “intentional writing” & it was something i did myself before i ever heard the proper term for it in 2009 in college. when i first started writing about celebrities, i didn't know how or what to write because i had not written (anything meaningful) in several years. so i would sit down, launch the text editor, and just put my fingers on the keyboard and PRETENDED like i was ready to write something. When something came to mind, i started writing it. to get to the point where your words are put into text (or thoughts put into text, i should say) w/o having any real type of filter (besides a quality filter, no blockages, sort of) is a v hard thing to do. I never really get to an actual point where i have “writer's block” v often these days, but it does happen on a rare occasion. the important thing is that i am able to “kickstart” my writing, whether it be a blog post, article, what have you, fairly quickly, & just....go! Haha.

anyway, it was neat to see tumblrs dedicated to this. good stuff.

be back in a bit!