there we go

added a bit more to the tumblr including a blogroll of my favorite blogs / sites / newsletters / people / etc. :)

more will be added over time

it is 12:28 so i suppose i can check to see if there is anything posted on the e-course website, but i think everything is going to be posted on Wed, the 14th (even though i wrote the 13th down). So i am going to just focus on the meeting tomorrow w/ Kevin (which i am not dreading, surprisingly) at 1:30 and seeing what bullshit we have to go over.

i had coffee, ate dinner earlier, now it is just time to sit and watch YT late into the night/early into the morning bc i know there isn't going to be anything going on on twitter.

i should/could get some productive writing done, i suppose, but i am going to focus on what i have written and the pitch(es) i have made. there are more to be pitched, though.

anyway, be back in a bit!